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Wasabi Sushi & Asian Fusion Menu

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 Tel.: (901) 421-6399
Add.: 5101 Sanderlin AVE #105 Memphis,TN 38117

Poke Bowl

Poke is raw fish with seaweed salad, Edamame, Spring mix, spicy crab on the sushi rice.




Sushi Bar Starter

Sushi or Sashimi

Sushi 1 pcs,Sashimi 2 pcs

Sushi Entree

Served with Miso soup or House salad

Classic Rolls

Special Rolls


Served with Vegetables, fried rice,clear soup & salad

Fried Rice

Come with Egg,Carrot,Peas and Onion

Maki Party Tray

please choice the rolls you like.(No combined with others offer)




Side Rice, Sauce

Pad Thai(Noddle)

Pad thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at most restaurants in Thailand;come with Egg,Bell pepper and bean sprout.

Yaki Udon/Soba

Japanese stir fry dish consisting of thick, smooth, Udon/ Soba noodles mixed with a soy based sauce, meat, and vegetables

Udon Noddle Soup


Sushi Bar Lunch

Maki Lunch Specail

Served with miso soup & salad

Lunch Box

Served with miso soup & salad

Hibachi Lunch

Served with Clear soup & Salad

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